Michaela Kascak

Michaela Kascak is a Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert, hatha/vinyasa/ecstatic yoga teacher, and holistic health coach with a focus on nutrition for the mind, mental health, and kids' health education. She offers health coaching services, online courses, yoga classes, workshops, and more through her online platform, Barefood&Barefoot (http://barefoodandbarefoot.com).

Michaela’s desire to heal feelings of discomfort, both mentally and physically, led her on her own personal health journey where she discovered the healing power of yoga and following a whole, plant-based foods diet. Her passion for health and wellness continues to lead her down many new paths spiritually and in the world of holistic health and wellness.

Currently, Michaela lives between both Hawaii and Connecticut, continuing to expand her online platform and aid others on their own journey to achieving optimal health, mentally and physically, through dietary and lifestyle habits, mindfulness practices, and more. She focuses on mental health, recognizing that it is one of the leading causes of many health complications and chronic illnesses and diseases. She works closely with clients to evaluate not only their diet but also their lifestyle to aid them in creating new habits that will help to build a happy and healthy mind and achieve overall optimal health.

Michaela recently released her first online course, Pranidhanat Parinama: Surrender & Transform, that focuses on the power of a healthy diet, positive lifestyle choices, intentional work with the elements, and other mindfulness practices in order to heal, let go and grow.

In this episode YIV's Holly Skodis and MIchaela Kascak discuss the following:


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Connect with Michaela:
Website: http://www.barefoodandbarefoot.com
Instagram: @barefoodandbarefoot
Contact: info@barefoodandbarefoot.com

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