Tiffany Paltauf

In this episode YIV's Holly Skodis and Tiffany Paultauf talk about how rescuing a pig started her journey to veganism, yoga and eventually starting her own farm animal sanctuary. 

Tiffany Paultauf and her husband Joe Bonitatebus started the Sleepy Pig Farm Animal Sanctuary where they have rescued over a dozen farmed animals from slaughter. Their goal for the future is to grow the sanctuary and to rescue more animals, as well as educate the community about obtaining a vegan lifestyle. At the the moment they are in the process of becoming a non profit.

Connect with Tiffany:
Help Support Sleepy Pig Animal Sanctuary on Patreon
Instagram Tiffany: @heathyfarmer_
Instagram Sleepy Pig Farm: @sleepypigfarm
Facebook Tiffany: @Tiffany.paltauf
Facebook Sleepy Pig Farm: @SleepyPigFarm

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